I honestly have no idea how I managed to summon the energy to go hit my cardio tonight but - by gum, I did it. Got my final 350 cals of cardio for the week knocked out on the stairs after a long-ass day of procrastinating.

Had a mediocre sleep last night, lots of interruptions and weird dreams - so, feeling all sorts of ways when I woke up this morning.

Decided to go cheer myself up with a trip to Sephora. It worked for a while - and then I remembered I had cardio. UGHHHHHH.

I like to save a meal for AFTER evening cardio so I have something to look forward to. Sure did eat it in 2.5 seconds and now I have the belly ache from hell.

UGH. I can't stop thinking about food today. I am craving sweet stuff like NOTHING ELSE. I just want to dive head first in to a pan of brownies - it's not even funny.

I have literally removed all sweet items from my house as I just can't be trusted at this point. If I'm gonna go off track, my options are basically spinach, egg whites or cucumber. I think I'm safe with those hahaha...

It's not so much the food I'm looking forward to after this is all over - but the ENERGY. I've never felt so drained in my entire life. Although I've had a great week and my mood has been decent, I just don't feel like myself. I wake up - I'm tired. I nap - I'm tired. I go to bed - exhausted - and can't sleep properly. It's frustrating.

I guess I'm starting to feel the dip in macros.

But.... I will make it.... I can do this. Mind over matter.

I have a leg day tomorrow - I think I'll have to double up on my oats pre-workout in order to get through. We'll see.

Now - for a nice epsom salt soak and then off to bed. Saturday night TURNTTTT UP.

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