Princess and the Pee

No word of a lie - I am peeing every 5 minutes. In an effort to do my part for the environment and conserve water, I have simply stopped flushing.

Seriously. I've consumed about 8L of water today just to keep myself full.


I did this to myself - but I was in a pickle. I knew I'd need energy to get through my leg day (like a boss) so I ate half of my daily allotment of carbs before breakfast.

My leg session went great! I even had energy to get my dog out for a good walk afterwards...

Then it was basically downhill from there.

I might opt for a fasted cardio session tomorrow so I can hoard my food for the evening - because the CRAVINGS at night are IN.SANE. But we'll see. I've been waking up RAVENOUS the last week. Like so hungry, it hurts.

I can't stop thinking about food.

It consumes my soul.

Other than that though.... LOL, it was a pretty good day. I am feeling like i'm in a bit of a fog these days though. I need these shreds to get here ASAP or Laz is gonna up the anti and I might actually die.

Not actually.

5 weeks until the comp. I can do this. I CAN and WILL make it!

My suit should arrive this week and that alone is enough to keep me on my game.

I booked my hotel today - and then went out and bought some dark sheets for the bed ($10 at Walmart). These little tasks are helping to keep my mind in the game.

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