Rough Start....

That feeling when your dog wakes you up to go outside at 3am and you are so flippin' hungry you can't fall back asleep.

Running on not enough zzz's today - coupled with an incredible busy day of work - I am so zonked.

I actually had to take my Omega supplements last night when I got up with the dog just to calm the rage in my belly.

Couldn't really sleep after that so I got up at 4:30am to start hammering out my busy day and I've been working ever since!

Didn't make it to the gym for my cardio sesh today - which means DUN DUN DUN, there will have to be a double-up sometime this week again. Not my favourite thing to do - but .... gotta do what must be done - since I let today get away from me.

I sent my log and progress photos in to Laz and am awaiting feedback - will likely have another slash coming soon - since the scale was up YET AGAIN today. 134lbs. I don't even know anymore. It's defeating - to say the least.

I'm in rough shape today. Hopefully a solid sleep sets me right. Big day of work/workouts planned for tomorrow so I need to be on my game!

OK - to bed in ....3....2....1

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