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Alright - first let me start off by saying, I was NOT excited for this refeed at all (crazy, right?) as ALL I want right now is to see the scale drop - and it doesn't always do that after a refeed (although, it might, fingers crossed).

So, here's hoping this refeed kicks the ol' body in to high gear and something gives. Cause I am damn tired of seeing 133 every day I step on the scale.

So - a smaller refeed of 300g of carbs today - nothing crazy.

Had a big breakfast and that powered me through a SOLID push session where somehow I managed to pull some rep PR's out of my ass. I'm pushing 40lbs on DB Shoulder Presses for 5 sets of 15 now....

Even in my bulk, I struggled with 35's for sets of 12 - so it makes me really happy to see that my programming is paying off. Of course there are good days and bad days - and I'm sure the extra food for breakfast helped - but hey, I'll take what I can get at this point!

Other than a bigger breakfast, I added some extra potatoes to lunch and some rice to my dinner (calm down KAIT!) and then had 2 bowls of raspberries with puffed cereal and a sliced up granola bar on top (SERIOUSLY - a wild child right here...) for dessert.

It's tough getting adventurous with food when you have to keep fats at 35g. So - potatoes, rice and puffed cereal it was. You know what I really want - is a HUGE APPLE FRITTER - but my fats simply won't allow it. I'll have to save that gem for post-show.

I suppose another reason I wasn't too amped about this refeed is - Laz said it will likely be my last, AND my macros got axed AGAIN.

So tomorrow - never mind being hungry from the post-reefed (as I usually am the day after) but my carbs are now at 115g per day, and protein got dropped to 150g - which means hunger will be off the flippin' charts for the next few days,

So new macros... --> P150/C115/F35

Which will SUCK... but I also know these legs aren't going to lean out if I don't start getting aggressive. So I have to do what I have to do.

4.5 more weeks - I can hack it.

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