Loooooooong Day.

UGH. I knew today was going to be a rough one because I didn't get a wink of sleep last night. Thanks to my party dog.

At least the scale wasn't UP this morning - but it was still stuck on 133.9lbs once again.

The GOOD thing is - I had another posing session with my posing coach today and she was VERY pleased with how I'm looking for 4.5 weeks out. She agreed, there's still some ways to go on the legs but she noted that I'd made some significant progress since she saw me last.

She actually asked me if I was planning to compete at Provincials if I qualify at my competition (Provincials are the following weekend in Toronto).

My game plan has and still is to take a year off to build before I get on stage at Provincials so I can really be competitive there. I'd like to take the judges feedback from this competition and work on improving some nagging areas before I take that plunge; however, now that idea is in my head... hmmmm.... we shall see.

Honestly though, I'm at the point (and my body is at the point) where I need to get back to maintenance and rebuild. I miss my energy. I miss my normal schedule. I miss my quality sleep. My strength. All the good things that come along with the bulk.

But - I'll see as I get closer to the show what I'm feeling/looking like and go from there.

Hearing I have a good chance at qualifying at my competition definitely helps the ol' ego though.

OH - but the icing on the cake today was receiving my figure suit in the mail! And opening up the package to discover - it was NOT THE RIGHT SUIT!

Stress level 10,000. I got in touch with Tamee (the designer) and hopefully this can be set straight and in time for the show.... 4.5 weeks out now.... I know some things will go wrong as the show approaches but...I was hoping the suit wouldn't be one of those things.

C'est la Vie!

Other than that, had a solid post-reefed workout today - strength was on point despite the lack of sleep - got some cardio knocked out too. Tomorrow will be a cardio ONLY day - and a busy day of work!

SO MUCH TO DO - so little time!

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