It's getting real!

Weighed in at 129.1lbs today!

Feeling all sorts of feels these days.

I feel so close but still so far away - it's a hard feeling to describe. Every workout I have now - I keep thinking to myself: "This is only one of very few workouts left before the show so I better make it count...." and that's strange to be feeling - because I've been in the same repetitive cycle of workouts, food, cardio and sleep that has been seemingly ENDLESS - for the last 17 weeks - and now the end is actually approaching.


SO coach gave me a tiny refeed today (200g carbs) but I got my fat dropped to 30g today and per every day moving forward at the same time... so it was bitter sweet.

200g of carbs is NOTHING. I basically had an extra bowl of Rice and Shine before my gym session today and that's about as far as I stretched it. Not that I'm complaining. I needed the boost before leg day - and it definitely helped get me through - but now it's 7pm and I'm crashing hard....

So - early to bed I go again!

New Macros starting tomorrow: P150/C115/F30

I'm hungry.

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