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Life is GOOD again!

Feeling back to my regular self - great sleep last night. Solid workout sesh today. Hunger is regulated. Energy is - well still kinda meh, but what can you do at this point?

My goal for the next week is to mitigate stress, stay on top of sleep and keep myself HEALTHY.

Can't afford to get sick right now - and it's going around (at least around my gym....) so - hand washing every two minutes like a freak is what I'm all about.

Looking forward to the week ahead - the changes in my physique are DAILY at this point - so that's keeping my motivation level up.

Sticking to the plan like a PRO.

But - honestly, JELLO is just not doing it for me anymore...and I'm counting down the moments until I can go HAM on some cookies.

Mmmm... ham.

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