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Had an amazing sleep last night - and a productive day today.

Hit an all time low of 126.2lbs on the scale today - took progress photos for my coach... and realized that my legs seem to have come in basically OVERNIGHT. The changes are happening hard and fast at this stage.

Knocked out a quick 350 calories of cardio this morning, then basically worked the rest of the day.

There's a LOT of repetition in my food these days - I'm just doing what I know works and what keeps me feeling full. I've timed my meals out so I don't get super hungry at any point during the day and for now - it's keeping me on track mentally - which is crucial - because the cravings at this point are redonk.

I want to eat everything.

Suffice to say, I have no food in my house except the boring essentials (literally, NOTHING tempting.) I am only shopping for food after I've eaten so I'm not tempted to grab something off plan.

No room for error at this point.

Counting down the days to more carbs.

More carbs will make me a very happy lady.

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