Actually - in the best mood ever today. Had a great leg session (albeit lower volume) and had enough energy to rock my cardio sesh too. Hunger was under control today too - which is always a good thing! AND weighed in today at 126.7lbs so the bloat situation is evening out - which makes me VERY happy.

And - and - and - and .... MY SUIT CAME! The ACTUAL suit that I ordered originally - and it's even more BEAUTIFUL in person than in the pictures... and I'm in love. It fits me like a glove. I put it on and looked in the mirror - and I SAW A FIGURE COMPETITOR.

Excitement is KICKING IN!

Checked in with coach and cardio has been bumped to 2500 cals this week. The fact that it's only ONE MORE WEEK - makes that number manageable.

On it. Feeling good. Feeling ready.


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