Running on Empty!

My workouts are literally sucking the life out of me at this point LOL! It takes everything to get through them - but I'm getting through them.

Had a solid push sesh today - even mustered up a little pump (don't even know how!). Followed that up with my cardio for the day - and a good mobility session on the ol' legs.

About to hop in an epsom salt soak and call it a day.

Hit a new low on the scale today too - 125lbs! Lean as a mofo!

My menu is repetitive at this point. I'm just sticking to what I know will keep me full.

I will likely change this up next Monday and opt for less fibre during peak week - to help eliminate any bloat before I get on stage.

Playing it by ear at this point though - check in day tomorrow, so I'll see what coach has to say :)

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