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What does that mean for workouts/cardio/macros? Right now - nothing... haha :P Same old until I check in with coach on Monday and get further instructions - however; I did have my LAST leg day today. It was painful. Increased reps and weight with lighter loads - because my strength is crap and I'm exhausted ... so it's really all I could muster.

WHY is today my last leg day? I tend to hold water in my legs for a good 3-4 days after working them... I want to make sure they're tight and right on show day - so I'm playing it safe and giving them ample recovery time before the stage. Cardio and posing will be the only work these leggies do for the rest of prep.

Food-wise, I'm feeling content with my current menu. I will likely stick with this same meal plan for the next couple of days - and then will start looking at bringing fibre levels down in the last few days to eliminate any chance of bloat before the show.

That means no more broccoli, noodles, hot peppers, etc. I find i'm extremely sensitive to food right now - the smallest things can set off a bloat storm from hell - so I will be aiming to keep things super bland and basic right up to the show.

I'm thinking rice, rice cakes, chicken, fish, mushrooms, asparagus.... It's BRO, yes... but it has it's place if it means less retention.

For now - focussed on staying consistent with my water intake, getting good sleep, washing my hands like a maniac, etc - I just want to make sure I don't end up sick this week - so paying particular attention to self care!

I'm getting REALLY excited though - like.... it's HAPPENING. It's REALLY happening.

This has been a 20 week long PREP yes - but I've had this goal of getting on stage for 3 years now. It's finally coming to culmination!

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