All Systems Are A-GO!

Peak Week shenanigans have officially begun.


Weight - 123.4lbs (new low)

Workout - Push

Cardio - 250 Cals of Liss (Walking)

Water - 8L

Posing - 20 Minutes

Macros - 150P/30F/140C

So unbelievably happy to have my cardio scaled back. It's not that I hate cardio, it's that I HATE having to hit a specific amount each week - it's the rebellious teenager in me that says "NUH-UH" when asked to do something... so cardio being cut this week (significantly) paired with a slight increase in carbs today - made me a very happy lady!

I'll do a day by day break down of each day this week so you can see how things change each day based on my progress. I'll be checking in with Coach again tomorrow morning.

Got my 8L of water in no problem - but spent the majority of my day peeing - which is inconvenient if I need to go out for something ;)

All in all, a good day!

Now to do it all again tomorrow!

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