Days are now FLYING by....

Holy moly - there's not enough time in the day it seems. I guess I'm just busier this week.... running around tying up loose ends before I leave - and that's making the days fly.

Coach bumped my macros up again today! Nothing like EATING going in to a show!

I missed my workout today though - on account of a 3 hour hair appointment to touch up my locks for the big day. Not enough time to finish up work AND work out today.

Not a big deal, I actually had this session scheduled for tomorrow originally anyway - so I'll just ride out my original game plan of Push Monday, Pull Wednesday and then a light Push/Pull on Thursday AM.

Lots of stuff to knock off my to-do list still - which is why I'm so thankful I put the effort in to preparing my show day bag a couple of weeks ago. One less thing to worry about.


Weight - 122.6lbs (yet another new low)

Workout - NONE

Cardio - 250 Cals of Liss (Walking)

Water - 8L

Posing - 20 Minutes

Macros - 150P/30F/165C

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