Aaaaaand I'm done.

Had my last session today! It was bitter sweet. I did a push/pull mix - focussed on hitting all upper body once, two sets of 15 reps a piece.

Left the gym and madness ensued! Had a huge list of items I had to take care of today but I'm happy to say I made it!

Got my nails done.

Got Russ off to the kennel.

Picked up the last nagging items on my list of stuff to bring.



Suit sewn (the hooks and top needed to be sewn to my measurements)

Client Check Ins


etc etc etc the list goes on haha

Today flew by - and I didn't want to be peeing every 5 minutes while I was out trying to tackle everything, so I left my water consumption to this evening. Thank goodness it was only a gallon today and not 8 - that was pee CITY.

Off to bed early - I have a 3am start - and it starts with a full body shave (lucky me!) I'm gonna need a coffee before that happens.

But tomorrow - MORE CARBS - so I'll be functioning normally by the time I get behind the wheel. Which is always a good thing ;)

Until tomorrow! Good night!


Weight - 120.9lbs (Bloat has obviously resolved - and the water load is definitely doing it's job)

Workout - Push/Pull

Cardio - NONE

Water - 4L

Posing - 20 Minutes

Macros - 150P/30F/145C

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