16 Weeks Out - Let's DO THIS.

Here we effin' GO again! First official photos/weigh in/measurements - and we're off to the races!

The show I'm competing in is called the BCABBA Popeye's Fall Classic. It's on November 18/17 in Vancouver, BC. NEW province = NEW organization (also new posing!)

Age: 33

Height: 5’8”

Weeks Out: 16

Start Weight: 142.8lbs

Current Measurements:

Chest: 38”

Waist: 26”

Hips: 35”

Thigh: 21”

Bicep: 12.75”

Current Macros: 150P / 180C / 50F <-- Coaches orders

Current Cardio: 2000 Cals MISS / Week <-- Not mandatory at this time, but about what I've been averaging - given that it's summer and I LOVE HIKING!

SO - why am I doing a 16 week prep this time around - as opposed to a 20 week'er like the last time?

This answer is four-fold.

1. I completed an 8 week mini-cut in April/May where I dropped 12lbs (151lbs to 139lbs). So I've already done some work.

2. I'm starting this prep around the same weight as I started my last prep; however, my measurements show me I'm leaner in hips/thighs - and bigger through chest/biceps. That's a pretty good indication of more muscle/less body fat.

3. I won't be trying to get AS LEAN this time around. Last prep, I really had to grind to get the legs to lean out - and I'm SO glad I gave myself 20 weeks to do it - because those bastards took their sweet ass time getting there.

This time, the leggies are leaner to begin with *happy dance!* so hopefully that will mean a less aggressive approach to get them dialled in.

I was on stage last year at 119lbs - WAY too lean. This year, I'll be aiming for around 130lbs give or take.

4. Looking back on my progress photos from last year - I feel I was ready to step on stage at the 4 week out mark.

SO - 16 weeks just makes more sense to me this time around.

But technically - if you tack on the 8 week mini-cut I did this spring, this prep will be a cumulative 24 weeks. So actually longer.

Just with a big ass diet break in the middle :P

Starting on Monday, July 31st, I'll be posting my daily MFP screen caps on my blog to show how I'm hitting my macros - as well as my work out logs and all the nitty gritty deets - similar to what I did for last prep.

If you have any questions/comments/suggestions - feel free to shoot me a message! I will be posting daily - so please check back for updates!

Thanks for stopping in!

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