Welp, that sucked.

MAN. Today's workout sucked. Strength was crap, energy was meh. Couldn't even muster a decent pump. And I could NOT for the life of me figure out why...

and then, a little later in the day - I remembered today was the first of the month.

and then, CRAMPS.


At least my crappy workout had an explanation! ALSO - I worked out at a different gym today... and it was EMP-TY. It was quiet. There was no atmosphere.

I guess I've been taking my current gym for granted. There are ALWAYS bodybuilders in my gym GIVEN'R all around me. It's impossible not to grind out a solid workout and PUSH HEAVY when you have that kind of motivation. Loud tunes. Loud people. Lots of action - I didn't even realize how much good that kind of environment does for me.

I will be making the drive back to my regular gym for my next workout on Thursday - that is for SURE. Ain't nobody got time for another crappy lift session - especially this early in the game!

Oh WELL! Macros are on point and everything aside from the workout is peachy. If things were sucking already, I'd be in trouble :P

OK - end whine fest. Time to pull up my big girl panties and do the thing.

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