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I got about two and a half solid hours of hiking in today. Cardio in the summer time is awesome! I felt awesome DURING - but after, holy F - there doesn't seem to be enough food in the world today. Hungry AF!

But - girls got goals. Gotta stick to the macros.

Also - it doesn't help that it's REALLY hot in my parents house - even with fans cranked. Which in turn, makes me feel like a lazy, tired, sack o' crap.

and I'M SO THIRSTY! I think I drank about 10L of water today.

OHHH right, I was supposed to stop whining after last post! OK. Officially done. Back to my routine on FRIDAY - and I'm looking forward to it.

I'm ALSO looking forward to hitting a big push sesh tomorrow. I'm going to hit my regular gym for this one.

Early to bed tonight to ensure I'm well rested.

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