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Sunday Funday!

Consumed way tooooooooo much caffeine this morning before my DL session and made myself sick. OOPS. Also fasted my belt too tight and made myself BRUISED. OOPS.

Despite those little blunders, my lifting sesh went well. Strength seems to be climbing back up - since taking a little more of a relaxed approach over June/July, I have some catching up to do - but I'll get there. A couple more weeks and I should be back to setting rep PR's again!

OH - and weighed in today at 140.3lbs - so definite progress on the scale this week!

I'm feeling good, feeling positive - lots of energy and my mood is killer. I'm really happy/excited to be on this journey once again and I'm excited to see what happens in the coming weeks.

I'm definitely in the right mind-set - probably because I'm sleeping like a baby as of late!

Let's hope that stays the norm!

ALSOOOOO - in my VLOG I talk about how I'm cutting out dairy for this prep. I may have lied. I failed to realize that I can't make protein fluff with Vegan based protein powder *BLEGH* so - yes, I will be consuming some whey protein powders/bars - but I AM cutting out milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream - etc - which are the items that tend to give me the tummy troubles (and make me break out too!)

PS - the Grenade Carb Killa bar was SO GOOD. I microwaved it for about 30 seconds and it pretty much blew my tits right the hell off. I will be buying again...

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