Ruby Tuesday

Today was a solid day - from start to finish. I got a smooth 9 hours of shut eye last night, woke up feeling AMAZING (but stiff). Feeling LEAN and the abs are already starting to hint at a reveal. I haven't seen my abs since I ended my last prep... so I'm definitely motivated by this....

Got a great workout in - felt strong, had tonnes of energy - got a great pump. Knocked out a bunch of work - then got a solid, quick and hilly hike in. I MAY have stopped on the side of the path to eat a handful of fresh, ripe, juicy blackberries... I didn't count them towards my day *shock!* as the calorie damage is negligible and I'd already hiked it off anyway.

I'm not going to obsess over these kinds of things unless my progress stalls and I have to drop my macros. Diligence is great in prep - and it's needed for sure... but stressing over a handful of blackberries when I'm doing this much activity - is not in my best interest.

During my 8 week mini cut in April/May, I was allowing myself a meal or two totally untracked each week - and it wasn't impeding progress in any way... sometimes these are the little "freedoms" that help with the overall mind-set. Militance is not required - until it's required (in my opinion).

Tomorrow I have a leg day scheduled and I MAAAAY push it back a day given how stiff my legs are STILL from my last leg session on Saturday (despite mobility work, epsom salt soaks, plenty of sleep AND walking/hiking {which I find helps alleviate DOMS - the more you move, the less opportunity you have to get sore.}) I'll see how I'm feeling tomorrow and go from there.

If you're here because of my Vlog - or if you've been tuning in to my Vlog because of this Blog - I'll be talking about some of the things I've mentioned above (lessons learned from last prep, and from my mini-cut - stuff I won't be doing again vs stuff I'll change to better suit this prep) in upcoming episodes...

Every time I diet - I learn a little more about my body and my MIND - and apply the lessons moving forward. Every time - I get a little smarter, and a little more strategic - which makes the process THAT much more enjoyable/easy.

I digress... here's today's workout and macros - and FYI the ON Cake Bites in Chocolate Donut flavour are MEH. I much prefer the Birthday Cake flavour. I had originally planned to eat all three in the package, but after 1 I was feeling like the macros would be better 'spent' elsewhere (like on Special K crackers - which, if you're a potato chip fiend like me, are DELISH and super satisfying!)

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