Repetition is Key

My food logs show quite a bit of repetition - and that's because a) I'm a creature of habit b) I KNOW these meals will fill me up and keep me satisfied and c) simplicity is life.

I will sometimes vary my dinner - or snacks - from day to day, but overall - I stick to what I know agrees with me, and with what works.

I'll tell ya though, it sure makes food shopping easier! I know exactly what I need, how much it'll cost and how long it will last. SIMPLIFY...

Today turned out to be a bit of a curveball - I was up all night with a very sick dog - so I decided NOT to train legs today. I will push my session to tomorrow. I did get a solid 2 hour hike in today though (I left Russ at home to nap) which was (is always) nice. I love me some hiking!

Lately I've been listening to audiobooks on my hikes - right now I'm tuned in to 'The 7 habits of Highly Effective People'... for the 2nd time - it's a good one! Since I spend the majority of my day at my desk - I consider my hikes and workouts my "ME" time - meditation time almost - a chance to unplug and be inside my own head and focus on my own goals.

It really does help me look forward to each session - and shifts my thought pattern from "I have to do this" to "I want to do this!"... which means I have no trouble getting it DONE. It's not a struggle - it's an enjoyment!

The more you can enjoy the process - the less it'll seem like "work".

Taking each day in stride - feeling good (despite the lack of sleep last night) and excited for the road ahead!

I'm planning to hit the hay earlier than usual tonight so I can catch up on my ZZZ's and smash out a solid leg session in the AM.


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