Another Thirsty Thursday

As I wrote that title I realized that my water intake has been sub-par today. I usually aim for 2L during a workout and then another 2-3L through out the day. Today I only got 2-3L - OOPS!

ANYHOO - today was a great one. Beautiful sleep last night - crushed a solid leg day. Macros were on POINT. I was so slamming busy today I didn't even have time to think about hunger - which, on a leg day, doesn't hurt - usually I'm ravenous after training legs!

I weighed in today at 142.0lbs which is up 1.2lbs from Monday - but not something I'm stressing over.

It helps to see that number going down during this process, yes - BUT - I can feel in the way my clothes are fitting that the changes are starting to happen - so, it's all good.

Time to go soak these tired legs in some Epsom Salt and head off to bed.

Tomorrow is another busy day!

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