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A Family Affair

I'll keep this short and sweet because I've been up since 3:30AM... it's now 11:20PM and WAY past my bedtime - just walked in the door!

Jam packed day - ending off with a fabulous dinner at my folks' place with my Aunt and Cousin who I haven't seen in FOREVER! It was great to catch up.

I knew going in to dinner what my mom was planning on cooking for tonight - so I was able to plan my day out in MFP ahead of time and make the rest of my day fit around it. I kept it simple - stuck to the basics (protein + veggies, salad - light on any dressings, etc) and eyeballed my way through the meal.

I had to say NO to the wine, chips, crackers with delicious pate - AND blueberry tart for dessert (I had some fresh blackberries instead) - but the evening wasn't about the food - it was about reconnecting with my family. I didn't feel left out, or that I had to make any massive sacrifices.

Overall - happy with how I managed things - and without having to eat out of tupperware containers or explain at great length why I wasn't "eating what every one else was eating."

The beauty of flex dieting :)

Workout today was a pull session - I felt pretty strong despite a very disrupted sleep again last night (Russ was restless!)

All in all - today was a WIN.

Sleep is going to come quick tonight - I am BAGGED.

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