Finally - SLEEP

Man - what a difference a solid night of sleep can make. Slept like a baby last night (8.5 hours! WOO!)

My sleep issues this past week were not a result of anything I was doing (diet, etc) - so completely out of my control. I just hope it's not a running trend... because sleep is everything (that will be a running theme for this prep once again.)

I had an awesome active rest day today - off the gym, but got a solid hike in.

Macros were hit - as per the usual.

I had a new low weigh in of 139.8lbs today - it's been a hot minute since I've seen the 30's. I was there briefly during my mini-cut this spring... but it's nice to see the numbers trending back in the right direction.

Things are tightening up and I'm noticing new lines. The veins are starting to come out to play (not my favourite thing in the regular day to day (I have random strangers comment all the time LOL! But - I love the vascularity during my workouts!)

Tomorrow I've got a big push session - so off to bed at a decent hour tonight - aiming for 8 hours again if I can!

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