I actually pushed today's deadlift session to tomorrow because my ass is so wrecked. Damn booty work always gets me! EVERY TIME.

I went for a hike today in lieu of the gym ... "active rest" - probably wasn't any better for the ol' legs but it felt good to move, so I rolled with it. I'm so incredibly thankful to work a job that allows me to break away mid-day for this kind of thing.

Had an awesome climb up a new route on a mountain - I spent some time pondering at the summit while taking in a glorious view.

We've been socked in with smoke from the wild fires for the last couple of weeks - it's nice to see blue sky again!

I will definitely be repeating this hike - and soon. They don't call it "Beautiful BC" for nothing!

Macros are on point. Scale is still doing it's devilish little bouncy thing; but, I'm rolling with it. Not worried :)

All in all - a good day!


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