Newton's 3rd Law

I think I spoke too soon about my incredible week yesterday, LMAO! I can't help but laugh - I knew I would jinx it.

Russ kept me up ALL night last night. I managed maybe an hour of sleep.

I had one of those horrible days where mood is off, exhaustion is abundant and hunger is insatiable *shakes fists at the universe*

I was supposed to meet a friend at the gym for leg day today - had to call it off. On no sleep, I knew the workout wouldn't be effective. So I opted instead, for a cardio day.

Got a hike in this morning, and then walked Russ again this evening. Anything to keep my mind off of food.

It worked. Stuck to my macros. All in all, an OK day on paper.

I'll be going to bed super early tonight to try to catch up - and prepare myself for a proper gym session tomorrow. Bed by 8pm at the latest for an hour or so of reading before I *hopefully* am able to konk out.

Sleep. is. EVERYTHING.

OH WELL. Onwards. There's still time to turn this week back around and moving in the right direction.

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