Had a magical 8.5 hour sleep last night - full of vivid dreams. Woke up feeling AMAZING. Hit a great push session today - strength continues to increase week on week it seems. I'm definitely getting back up to where I was strength-wise before I took my relaxed June/July (definitely lost some strength over the course of those two months...)

At this rate, I should be setting rep PR's SOON.

Ate the most delicious tenderloin steak for dinner tonight (logged under lunch) - omg, steak is hands down my favourite food EVER. I wish I could eat it every day but ... it AIN'T CHEAP!

I felt a treat yo-self dinner was in order since this week has been a productive one. The little things in prep right? Would have loved to have paired that steak with a big glass of Shiraz but... sacrifices must be made LMAO.

On to the next!

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