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Much Needed Rest Day

I was initially planning on doing a big Pull session today but honestly, I'm pooped. Even after a solid 8 hour sleep.

The benefit of having trained for so many years - and with 1 prep under my belt, I've gotten to know my body well - I know when I need to rest and when I need to push.

So - today - I opted for a hike instead. It feels good to move - but hiking is far less taxing on the ol' bod than a deadlift session.

Got a lot of housework done, as well as work work - and I even carved out some time to sit on my deck and enjoy a couple chapters of a book.

All in all - a productive "rest" day.

Tomorrow, I'm sure I'll be right as rain and ready to give'r on lifts again.

Hit a new low of 139.3lbs today, too - SCALE YOU CRAZY! Not even minding that number at the moment - if you caught this week's VLOG, you'll know why ;)

Ending the week on a high note - and ready to smash out another one!

Less than 13 weeks out now.... can't even believe how quickly the days are passing!

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