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I suppose the roller coaster of ups and downs is typical of my normal day life too - not just in prep (obviously) but I think while in prep I'm a little more sensitive to my strength/energy/mood from day to day.

I think because my last prep ended with several crappy weeks in a row - and it SUCKED... and that's what sticks out in my mind - I'm living in FEAR of those kinds of days this time around...and that's NOT the right mind-set to have.

It's not abnormal to have an amazing prep from start to finish and feel fantastic the entire way through - I've seen it done. I've coached those who have done it. That should be the goal! It's not far fetched - and that should be my outlook on my own prep too. There's no reason things should go downhill (I'm talking mood, energy, strength, lack of sleep, etc) this time around - and if it does... I now know how to mitigate the effects.

I guess my strategy is "hope for the best, but plan for the worst".

Yesterday was rough - today started out rough (thanks to a negative message I received from some DICK)...but improved MEGA with some time spent in the woods.

It's amazing what hiking does for my soul. It truly has the power to turn my mind-set RIGHT around - and that's a tool I plan to utilize come the rough days (IF they do come...)

So far, I'm definitely a fan of prepping during the summer months. Any day I can crush cardio OUTSIDE is a WIN.

Lucky for me - now being on Vancouver Island and not in Ottawa in the dead of winter - I'm thinking the outdoor cardio is likely to be a permanent fixture this prep.

We're usually pretty lucky on the weather front until mid-November at least!

So, yes - a big 1400+ calorie mountain climb did me a solid today.

I'm feeling GOOD.

Looking forward to a rock solid sleep tonight (I tend to sleep like a baby after a big hike) and a huge *hopefully* successful PUSH session tomorrow.

Trucking along!

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