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AAAND We're Back

Solid 9.5 hour sleep last night HALLELLURRRR! I went to bed super early last night - did the wind down ritual (power down all electronics, lavender epsom salt soak, a little reading) and I was out like a light. YAS!

It did me a solid. Felt great today - finally got my bench back up to 140. My top bench was 145# 5x5 at the height of my bulk - so considering I'm 12 pounds lighter and benching bodyweight, I'm a happy girl!

As I mentioned yesterday - I HATE pushing workouts back when I lose out on sleep but - I KNOW if I had gone in yesterday, it wouldn't have been productive. Today, I made up for it.

Let's hope the strength continues to trend UP. 'Tis the goal!

Got a nice little hike in with the pup today too. On top of a productive work day!

Feeling good!

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