Ohhh Monday

Off to a rock solid start to the week! Checked in with coach - macros have changed slightly. Increase in protein and decrease in carbs, but no change to calories.

So now I'm sitting at P170/C160/F50

The increase in protein is good with me - I love ma MEATS - but still have enough carbs left to fit in ALL the VEGGIES too!

Today was a rest day from the gym but I did manage to slip away from a very busy day of work to squeeze in a quick hike this evening.

Started this week off with a weigh-in of 139.9lbs - moving snail pace, but plenty of time left to dial it in. Too bad I'm impatient AF and want ALL the shreds RIGHT. NOW.

Hahaha. Frick. Calm down Kait. That's not how this works.

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