Feeling SO GOOD!

Just had an amazing, amazing day. One of those days where you feel awesome, the stars align, things go right. I'm a happy girl.

I CAN'T even wrap my head around how quickly the days are passing though. Today freakin' FLEW.

I'm feeling a little overwhelmed with the idea that I'm not going to be ready in time - probably because I weighed in at 142.7lbs today (WTF, SCALE!) - but I know those fears are normal for this stage in prep. I've barely scratched the surface and I know I have a lot of time to dial it in still.

I had these same fears last year and I ended up ready several weeks out, so I know better than to stress over it this time around. Therefore, I'll leave it be.

For now, I'm just focussed on enjoying the process - embracing the good days - harnessing all the strength I can to hit solid workouts - and getting plenty of rest.

Taking it a day at a time.

OH - and my hotel is now BOOKED so there's another thing to cross off my to-do list.


Enjoying a nice Chai Tea to wind down before bed - hoping for another beautiful 8 hours tonight. So far so good this week!

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