PMS turns me in to a crazy person. It's official.

I started the day with a high weigh in AGAIN (142.3lbs). Hit up my Coach to talk about where to go from here - and in a nut-shell, he told me to calm my tits and remain diligent/patient (which is exactly what I needed to hear, and 100% what I know I need to do) - as the INCHES ARE MOVING and the progress IS HAPPENING despite the stupid scale.

I went to the gym - and took my frustration out on the iron - and had a REALLY great workout!

BUT when I got home, the crazy just intensified.

ALL THE FEELS. Emotional. Sad. Happy. Hungry. Tired. Then Happy again... repeat over and over through out the day....

I honesty felt like a different person had taken over my body/mind today. Did NOT feel like myself and did NOT feel good and I couldn't figure out WHY!

Looked at the calendar...

Realized all of this crazy is because of the time of the month.



But at least once I figured this out - I could actually attribute my crazy to something other than just being crazy.

On point with my workout and macros for today - just my mindset was NOT there. But this too shall pass.

What a day.

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