Another Day in the Books!

Captains Log: September 5....

I realize this is blog plays out like a personal diary - and that really is what my intent was when I started it.

I'll drop tips and tricks in my VLOGS but my blog is more or less just a run down of my thoughts from each day. A way to track my moods, my emotions, my feelings - etc...

I realize it gets repetitive. But.... my days are repetitive...sooooo.

Wake up, eat work, gym, cardio, work, eat work, work, sleep, repeat.

But you know - I like the system I have going. I like the routine. Like I've said before - creature of habit...

Today was awesome. Had a great sleep last night, hit a strong workout - felt great - and it was another one of those days where I was just too busy to think about food/hunger.

The macro drop has yet to be felt...

and suddenly this week - I feel like the magic is starting to happen.

The physique is coming through. New lines are appearing on the regular and it's getting me SO excited about the weeks to come.

When people say prep is like "unwrapping a present" - stripping off the layers to uncover what you've spent the off-season building - it could not be more accurate.

Every time I diet down after a building phase, I'm just so pumped to see new curves, new lines, new definition - improvements, size. It's magical.

It just makes me love this process even more.

Yeah, that hard days are HARD. But I really do love this shit.

Oh - hit a new low today too *HOLLA* 138.2lbs


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