REALLY great day today. Feeling fantastic. Energy is on POINT!

Was dreading leg day today but once I got started - I got in to it. Rocked a solid session with a friend! Got a quick hike in with the puppers too - squeezing it in before the rain comes tomorrow!

Rain is rain - I'm just so happy I'm not dealing with epic snowstorms, blizzards, frozen cars and insane bus schedules this time around. Sure makes for an easier prep - I tell ya!

I am freaking excited - every time I look in the mirror I'm noticing more definition. My body is just responding BEAUTIFULLY in the last couple of weeks.

Took my measurements today - down everywhere except my arms - which is blowing me away! I'm actually retaining upper body this time around - and while the abs/quads dial in nicely.

Year on year - if I'm making improvements like this - I am a HAPPY girl.

Starting to feel very confident about what I'm bringing to the stage this time around.


OH - and a new low on the scale today too! 135.7lbs! Things are happening!


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