Sleep up, Energy down.

What a ride what a ride. I had an amazing sleep last night but despite that - I feel like my batteries just won't charge.

This is the part of prep where things get a little tricky.

Eventually you just hit a wall - and it feels like no amount of sleep is enough and no amount of food is enough. Even if you're logging sufficient hours of shut eye and eating volume foods for days - it's just NOT quite enough.

This is where the energy dips.

This is where strength starts to fade.

This is where the workouts take a toll - and small daily tasks begin to feel like massive mountains to climb.

This is where you really have to dig deep.

You run out of gas, so you gotta get out of the car and push.

And THIS is generally where a refeed pays big dividends.

I'm at the point where I know I NEED the energy boost - before things begin to slide.

Which is why I'm STOKED there's a big meal on the horizon for me... I think it will be exactly what I need to recharge, refuel - and get back to killing it.

Until Thanksgiving though - head down, blinders on. There's work to be done.

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