Another solid day in the books. Workout today felt AMAZING - strength is on point, energy is on point - had a great sleep AGAIN last night *thank you universe, you've been so good to me!*

Groin seems to be all healed up - thankfully.

Got a nice quick hike in with the pup today too.

Keep busy and have a LOT going on - but I'm focussed, I'm in a routine - and I KNOW these next 5 weeks are gonna FLY - so I'm just trying to stay on top of it all.

Thankfully, everything is done, dusted and ready to go for the show - so as long as I can stay on top of work/life - and keep my energy up - I'm GOLDEN!

This prep has been FREAKING fantastic so far!

Also - new low weigh in today: 133lbs - and although I'm not paying PARTICULAR attention to the scale this time around, I do feel it's worth noting because as my weight has gone down, my strength has either remained on point, or improved. THAT to me is a HUGE HUGE HUGE win - being this close to the show.

In my last prep - 4 weeks out is where things really got dicey, energy went out the window and strength went down hill (which led to losing size) - trying not to let that happen this time around - and I definitely think that SLEEP is the key to keeping that aspect in check.

So I will keep up with my night time ritual, and keep aiming for my 8 hours each night!


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