Day from HECK

When nothing is going right, go LIFT.

But on your way to lift...get a flat tire - and also make sure that tire has lug nuts that are stripped to shit and won't come off. ALSO make sure your roadside assistance expired 3 weeks ago.

That'll make for a day.

At least my macros have been on point - but - wasn't able to make the gym today.

Looks like I'll be bussing to the local (and crappy) gym in the morning to get it in instead. I did however, manage to get cardio in today (walking too/from the grocery store, carrying bags, in the POURING rain *grumbles*) I hope I don't get sick again!

Too much happening, not enough patience. These are the kinda days where a bottle of wine would be a nice finish.

Unfortunately - that ain't happening!

Thank the sweet baby lord jesus for coffee - coffee keeps me sane.

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