I've got this.

Leg day.

I've noticed I have a tonne of hatred for leg days right before I do them, and a tonne of love for them immediately after I've completed them.

I've really learned how to pep-talk myself through the worst of 'em. As I always say - I hate leg days, but I love what they do for me.

Today was no exception.

Total dread the entire way to the gym.

But once I got there and warmed up - started my main lift - I found my mojo.

I only have about 6 or so more leg days before peak week too - so now more than ever, I better make them count.

Anyway - these are the days I take one rep at a time. And that's ok. If that's how it gets done, so be it. As long as it gets done.

Ended up smashing out a really great session (which is usually the case).

Today was a good day. I still can NOT get over my strength/energy at this point in prep. I feel AMAZING.

And again, I'll chalk that up to sleeping well!

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