Tick Tock

Time seems to slow to a halt during the 4-3-2 weeks out time frame.

It's like TIME....HURRY UP - I wanna get on stage and DO THIS THING - but at the same time, it's like TIME....please slow the hell down so I can ensure I'm dialled in enough.

3 1/2 weeks

24 days : 13 hours : 20 minutes

But who's counting?

But I'm confident. I'm ready. Fine tuning at this point.

Got my car squared away today! New tires. Good to go there, so that's something to check off my to-do list.

I'm just extremely happy I took care of all of the other competition day "to-do's" weeks ago. Scrambling at the last minute is an added stress nobody needs...

Busy day with work/errands - so no lifting - but I got my cardio in. It was a beautiful, crisp fall day here - sun was shining. Great hiking weather!

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