Digging DEEP

I had to reach so far within to pull today's workout off - and I'm proud to say I did it. I went in to the gym knowing full well today was going to be tough as nails.

Systematically knocked every rep down one at a time.

Got it done.

Even managed some rep PR's on a couple of movements - which is blowing my mind considering where my strength was sitting 3 weeks out of my last show.

If this is what I'm going to have to do for every work out for the next 3 weeks - so be it. If this is what it takes, so be it.

I will not stop. I will not quit.

I will do this thing until it's done.

I refuse to get on stage knowing I gave anything less than my everything.

Feeling like hell today again - but noting the date on the calendar, I've got PMS working against me right now too.

I know once I clear this hump - I'll be good again. Just gotta keep plugging away!


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