Feeling the Crunch

To be honest - I am not happy with where my physique is sitting currently. I know I'm water logged thanks to TOM hormonal stuff.. I know today was a bad day to try on my suit.

But I'm not happy.

Actually, my confidence is rocked.

But I know a lot can happen in 3 weeks too... and I know the changes happen on the daily at this stage.

I just need to chill the F out.

Also running on about 3 hours of sleep thanks to a restless dog last night... so I'm sure that's not helping anything.

UGHHHH nerves are kicking in. Stop it Kait, stop it.

Rest day from the gym. Good day for macros - and squeezed in a 2 hour hike today followed by a 45 min hilly walk this evening with Russ. So lots of cardio.

Also because I've been awake for about 17 hours, I've gotten quite a bit accomplished today LOL!

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