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2/4 Legs DONE

#2 of my last 4 leg days done and DUSTED. Feels SO good.

I think the volume of my leg days will start coming down now as the show approaches - so I gave this one every thing I had.

I mean... I give them all everything I have... but this one was a benchmark.

I dug so damn deep. I just keep pulling energy from God knows where to get through these workouts - and it's working.

Strength is STILL on point. Maybe even the highest it's been for my main lifts... definitely up there.

I'm a happy camper - repping 225 for 6 sets of 8, when 2 weeks out of my last show I could barely move 185... That tells me something. Something good.

Regardless of the outcome of this show - I'm going in to my off-season STRONG - and ready to build on the foundation I've already laid.

If LAST off-season was productive for adding size (and it was) I can only imagine how the next one is going to play out.

Today was a great day.


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