Here we go!

Feedback from coach this week - workouts are coming down to 4 sessions and water intake is going UP to 7L per day from now until the show.

That's faaaairly close to what I've been consuming on the regular anyway - maybe a L over... so it shouldn't be TOO hard to manage.

But basically, I live in the bathroom.

Macros and cardio are staying the same.

I took a FULL rest day today - no gym. No cardio. No posing. Nothing. I just focussed on work - and hit my macros.

I needed it and I'm sure my body will thank me for it. I'm gonna be ready to rock this last week of workouts (next week, volume comes down even more...)

Just need to stay the course and keep everything tightly dialled in.

But - I'm feeling ready. My body is where it needs to be. Now it's a matter of keeping my health up.

Nerves are kicking IN!

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