Feeling Off.

Just not feeling good today and I can't put my finger on it.

Maybe because I'm water logged and feel puffy and gross - and flat - and just not seeing any definition or lines. It's a bit of a mind-F.

That aside, energy was just not there today. Pushed my leg session to tomorrow so I could focus on self care today. Did NOT get a good sleep last night (up to pee every couple of hours) and I'm sure that's a BIG part of it.

Also switching up some of my foods and my volume has gone down (no more protein fluff to keep me full) so the hunger is very real today. '

Talked to coach a bit about my peak week plan and more food is on the horizon.... but not before less food unfortunately. Sounds like carbs are going to drop going in to the week - and then pick up as the week goes on.

Anyway, still a few days away from that and need to just focus on getting my workouts in!

Tomorrow will be better. I'm sure of it. Need a solid sleep tonight and that's certainly the plan.

I got a lot of errands accomplished today at least!

Thank you COFFEE - for keeping me functional.

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