AAAAND we're done with LEG DAYS. WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Can't even begin to express how freakin' happy I am to be done - because my energy is crashing, I'm tired, I'm burnt - and I can't imagine having to muster up any more lower sessions at this point.

With that, ends my heavy training - this next week is just a couple of pump sessions with lighter weight, higher reps - and then I'm done.

The work - is DONE.

Now to just survive these next two days of lower carbs.... food (ENERGY) is on the horizon.

Can't believe we're ALMOST there! I'm happy with where things are sitting at the moment - although it's a bit of a mind-F watching your body change by the hour. I'll have abs one second and the next, they're gone. One second I'm striated and vascular - the next I'm soft and full.

Goes to show how sensitive your body is to micronutrients/water/stress/etc when you're at extreme levels of leanness - just need to keep things on track and mitigate the stress (sleep!) and I should be golden for the stage.

Here we GO!

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