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5 Days.

80g of carbs today and I'm feeling it. Maybe it's mental.... honestly FEARING my 50g tomorrow. I know I'm gonna be hungry AF. I dunno how the heck people survive on less than 100g of carbs on the regular... It seems like cruel and unfair punishment LMAO!

That said - at least I'm not rocking heavy workouts right now... I went in for a quick depletion workout this morning - and 60-70% of what I normally lift, felt like 110% of what I normally lift. No gas in the tank to push heavy weights right now....

But I should stop whining - because the carb up is but a mere 1 day away....

Wednesday is going to be like Xmas... BETTER than Xmas.

I'm going to be drunk on carbs. I can't wait.

Busy day with work today - Monday's always are.... so at least I'm distracted....

Feeling good...FLAT as a pancake and not looking the part quite yet and that's enough to rock my confidence - but I know carbs will change that.

Just need to hang in there.

4L of water today - back to my normal consumption - which is nice. Maybe I won't be up all night peeing tonight! That makes me happy.

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