4 Days.

Today I finished my last workout of this prep - I'm overcome with a huge sense of pride, yes - but also starting to feel a hint of the post show blues (and the show hasn't even happened yet!) but I know in a few days I'll have more insight and direction on where to go from here... It's been just shy of 17 months since I last stepped off stage - and every day between then and now has been focussed on one thing: improvement. I truly believe that I have done every thing I possibly can to bring my absolute best to this comp. Anxious and eager to see what happens but regardless of the outcome, I'm so bloody proud of myself. I trained hard. I've pushed myself beyond what I even knew I was capable of. Blood, sweat and tears: I've given this process my everything. And that is a win to me. So place or no place - I'm happy. I'm carb depleted and HUNGRY = EMOTIONAL.

It's crazy watching my body change DAILY now.... can't wait to see what happens after the carb up tomorrow!

Got my hair done today - I'm a fresh blonde!

It's coming together!

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