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3 Days - REFEED

Crazy how food can make you feel and function like a normal person LMAO - I didn't even realize how bad the brain fog had gotten until I slammed meal #1 today - which contained more carbs than what I've been eating every entire DAY for the last 16 weeks.

I could feel the food in my system IMMEDIATELY.

My brain started working again, energy went UP - I got quite a bit of work accomplished, tonnes of tasks/errands - let's just say it was very productive day!

I feel great! I got my nails done today - and took care of the wax. I also received my tanning - and hair/makeup times for the day before/of - so I'm all scheduled and ready to get this show on the road.

Tomorrow is packing, house work - and wrapping up work for the week - and then Friday I leave bright and early!


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