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I can't even believe it's here.

I'm so excited. So nervous. So anxious. But SO ready.

I weighed in today at 131.2lbs which puts me a whopping 12.2lbs over last years stage weight - and hopefully with MUCH improvement. Measurements are up where I want them and down where I want them and I'm looking the part!

All of the hard work, diligence, sacrifice - it was all for this one day.

And I already know it was worth the work.

Prep - as hard as it is - is a beautiful experience in the end. Rewarding, regardless of placement. And a valuable learning tool to boot. It doesn't just make me a better, more well-rounded coach - it makes me a better person.

And I truly love it.

If you've been following along - either here, my Insta, Facebook, or youtube - thank you! Thank you for your curiosity. Thank you for taking the time to stop and scope out a piece of my life. Thank you for your interest in my process... and to all who reached out to me through out - with kind words of encouragement or suggestions/tips/tricks/etc - you have played an integral part in this journey and I appreciate every single second you've taken out of your day just to be a part of mine.

I hope I can make you proud! I owe it to you!



Today was just madness - getting all loose ends tied up and meals prepped for tomorrow mornings departure.

All I have left to do now is shave head to toe - which I will do in the AM - and then it's GO TIME.

Everything is where I want it to be physique wise so - let's just hope I can bring my A-GAME and rock the hell out of this comp!


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