First Day in the Bag

First official day of prep is done and dusted. Macros on point (P170/C170/F45) and I hit a decent lower session.

I managed to screw up my right glute during squats two weeks ago - so I've been nursing the weights on lower sessions ever since. I just want this damn thing healed - and not lingering - so I can get back to pushing HEAVY!

I'm feeling really positive about this year's prep. I'm SO ready to cut down and see what I'm working with.

Topping 2017's look is my BIG goal here. Ya'll know I'm gunning for a first place trophy but - regardless of how I place - any improvements = a WIN to me. You know how we do!

This is gonna be a hell of a ride.


(I'll be discussing more of the ins and outs of my macros, workout plan, off season catch up etc in my VLOG)

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